David Lotton began his life-long career, working with every aspect of “Art in Glass”. “I don’t have impressive academic training or remarkable apprenticeships on my resume, as many other successful artists do”, said David. “Instead, what I am able to do is a gift from God.

My approach to glass stems out of my love to create beautiful things with many different types of material. I enjoy working with high quality raw woods, durable metals as well as highly refined glass. In creating my art I incorporate my love for different textures, shapes and color combinations. Everyday is a new day to experiment, stretching the envelope of what is possible with all sorts of materials I have on hand. I often tell my wife, “One man’s junk is another mans treasure”.

I am inspired by all I see in nature, the rolling fields of hay on our Kentucky farm, the fresh growth of alfalfa in our back yard and the power and strength of our Black Angus bulls. Nature is constantly trying to throw you a curve ball just as glass does. You have to have patience, persistence and stamina to succeed in producing a sellable product. The last 30 years has been a journey, I have learned a lot by trial and error. So many people today hate their jobs, I am very fortunate to be able to do what I love to do.

My prayer is that the Lord will bless me with many more years of health and inspiration so that I may continue creating pieces of art that people can enjoy for many years to come.